Changing Weather, Changing Moods....

October 02, 2016

Changing Weather, Changing Moods....

Happy Fall Y'all! ;)

I can't believe it's October....

This month marks beginnings and endings.  The beginning of Fall and those crisp, temperate days. The end of Summer's hot days and growing season. It also marks the anniversary of Chis' Mom's passing. I can't believe it's been a year.

I have a new feeling of activity and creativity. I get so slow during Summer here. The heat is just so stifling. Once the weather changes it's like a light switching on and new energy and ideas come in.  Plus, I can get out and walk again! 😊

The salon gets busier and we head into the Holiday seasons.

I have a 2 day hair show to attend next week, and I'm going to see my Mom and Step Dad at the end of the Month! Lots going on.

While I was still pretty active shooting indoors, I'll be happy to take my camera out again and get some colorful trees and landscapes. 

I was recently inspired on Instagram by some flower and feather photos, and I just had to give it a try myself. I even ordered feathers from Etsy!

I've always liked dark and moody images, and thought I couldn't do them because it wasn't my "look", but I really like exploring that side of my creativity.  They feel more like fine art, and I like to use my favorite textures.

I've decided that if I do it, then it's my "look". I like all kinds of subjects; some are light and some are dark! :)

What's cool is that I learned something by shooting these feathers...

I had no idea how tiny they are!




(Even shooting with my iPad it's hard to get them in crisp focus.)

I had to use my tripod. But even then I got some camera shake by pushing the shutter button myself! So I got out my remote control and wow... Perfect! :)

There's something satisfying about composing the image and pressing that button to take a picture, but I have to take A LOT less when I have the focus and the composition all set. I can move items in and out of the scene, and I can have my hands free to use reflectors or block light. Brilliant!

So here are just some of the dark and light images I have ready, and most will be in my shops today and tomorrow.








They are a mixture of Partridge, Pheasant, and Guinea feathers. I just love them!

I also had fun with some beautiful long gladiolus flowers on black and white.




OK, that's it for now.  I hope you are enjoying some cooler temperatures, and some happy Autumn feelings too.

What are you going to do for Halloween? Any plans yet?



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