Hello March!

March 01, 2017 2 Comments

Hello March!

Once again, time has flown...

Happy March to you!

We are experiencing major Spring like weather here, trees are blooming and the pollen will soon cover everything in yellow.

Chris and I were busy in February. We went to visit his Dad and Step Mom Mary in GA.

He is battling cancer, and we want to spend time with him.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the family. 

I love going to their house when things are blooming, because they have a great garden.  I get so inspired, and Mary is a good accomplice in my still life plans. :)


Chris and his siblings are going back this weekend for a visit.

I also had a colonoscopy in February, and am happy to say my condition is in remission! Yay!  Also, I have no dysplasia (abnormal cells in the tissue lining of my colon). All great news!  Let's hope it stays that way, and that I don't lose my health coverage so I can get the screenings I need to stay healthy.

The end of the month marked Chris and my 10 year anniversary! ❤️

I can't believe how fast 10 years has gone! Love you honey!

Spring is my favorite season here in the South. I carry my camera and snippers in my car because I see so many pretty blooms, trees, and scenes.

Forsythia is really in abundance here, and I saw one house with lots of bushes in their yard, so I went up and asked to shoot and snip.

I love the still life shots on my chair. It was hard to decide, but the 3rd one is available in my shops. :)


I'm going to take a couple of prints to her as thanks.

I'm looking forward to March and the new life Mother Nature shows off.  I hope to be back soon with lots of new images and maybe even some puppy news!! (so exciting!)

Enjoy Spring where you are!



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March 02, 2017

Thank you Barb! :)


March 02, 2017

Hi Kelly, I love your calendar and still life photography. I’m happy to hear your condition is in remission … wonderful news. Also Happy Anniversary!

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