Our New Family Member!

August 06, 2017

Our New Family Member!

Wow, time has flown! I can't believe July is gone, and we've had LuLu for almost 2 months!

She is a first generation cockapoo. Cocker spaniel mom and a toy poodle dad. We have no idea how big she'll get, but it could be up to 21 lbs, and 16" tall...  She is considered "red" and has cute white marks on her chin, chest and feet. :) (and a teeny tiny white bit on the top of her head)


(bottom three are the first day we brought her home)

Um, nobody told me how exhausting puppies are! Hahaha
It's been a labor of love.  This little fluff ball is a very good girl. (When she keeps those puppy teeth to herself!)

I haven't had time for much else but work and potty training.
Haven't been anywhere, or even out much as it gets so hot here in the Summer.  It's hard because LuLu can't go anywhere in the world until she has all of her vaccines, so it's backyard and indoor play for 2 more weeks. (fingers crossed we survive!)

After that we will be able to go for walks, and puppy classes, and dog friendly stores like Lowes, Home Depot or Petsmart for socializing.

We're working on leash training, and in September she starts puppy classes.

She turned 4 months old yesterday, and has so many adventures ahead of her..

She barked for the first time last week and I think she startled herself! haha I was so proud.

She's not scared of thunder, she loves water....her pool, rain, and oh the hose!! (baths.. not as much)  Fireworks aren't the best, but she slept through once we all went to bed.

She's over 9 lbs now. She was only 4 lbs when we got her!

I have an instagram account for her, and there I can post videos and more pictures, so if you want to follow her, she's @luluthepoo :) You can see her in her pool, play with worms, and run after her ball!

Other than that, it's just hot Summertime in SC. Yet not as hot as it has been, so I'm grateful for that... no crazy 100 degree stretches.

I haven't taken any pictures this Summer, but I will... now that LuLu is older and is doing pretty good with potty training, I can trust her without constant supervision. Although we still have teething and adolescence coming up.

I want to thank my friend Natalie at Gunter Photography for coming to take some awesome pictures of LuLu! I can't get her to stay for me! She did a great job.  I'm going to have her back to shoot a Holiday card for us.

Hope you are well and Happy!

How's your Summer been?




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