Saying Goodbye

June 11, 2018

Saying Goodbye

Hello all,
Wow! It’s Summer already. 


I have so much to cover…  These are the posts I know I have to write, and get overwhelmed by it all so I put it off.  But not this time.  This time I’m going to get it done.

In my last post I talked about seeing Egie’s old house all redone.  It was amazing, and like an HGTV reveal! But I’m going to have to do that one later.

Many of you know that in early May my Mom passed away after a long fight with (lung) cancer.  She had called just 7-10 days before to let us know that she wasn’t going to be taking anymore treatments, as the latest drug (and last option) they used gave her the worst side effects and she was done feeling like crap.  We thought she had months ahead.  Thought we had time to go see her, thought she would probably feel better before things got worse.  But it wasn’t to be. The mind is pretty powerful when it decides something.  She was done done.  

It’s my opinion that the way she passed was a blessing really.  It was always her prayer to die in her sleep and she did. 

I’m grateful that my stepfather (also undergoing chemotherapy) didn’t have to watch her waste away on a hospice bed, and struggle to give her the care she required alone, or spend thousands on nursing help.

Her memorial service was over Memorial Day weekend, in Minnesota at her home.  My sisters, close family friends plus all of Tom’s family and I were there to support Tom and it was really nice to see everyone.  Yet it was the evenings after everyone left when it was just our family and those close friends I mentioned, who hung out at the kitchen table, played cards, talking to each other, laughing, sharing memories, and did exactly what we would have done if she had been there.  That felt perfect, and that was the best part from my perspective. 

We will miss her terribly, and will remember her fun, feisty spirit and sense of humor forever. Rest in peace Mom. ❤️

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