What's Happening Lately

April 29, 2018

What's Happening Lately

Yay! I'm back!

I've been so bad about blogging, and I miss telling my friends and family what's been going on.

So many things happen, but sitting down and writing always seems daunting. Especially since Lulu got here. It just seems like I'm so busy with everything.

I just want to get back into sending out posts at least once a month.  But I have NO delusions of grandeur.  I can't promise anything. I just have the intention.

So, back in February, I went to Seattle to visit my family.  My Aunt, Uncle and cousins live there.  My sister and her husband also came to visit!  So fun to see everyone! Seattle is one of my most favorite places to visit, and I ALWAYS say I want to move there.  I could just really see myself loving it there.

Anyway, I hadn't been out in over 10 years. :( 

My Aunt and Uncle had decided it was time to downsize, and move out of the family home they've been in for 30 years.  It's the end of an era, and we really wanted to have one last hoorah before they moved. 

I love that house, and have fond memories of horseback riding, singing, laughing, eating great food, and just good old family fun!

Newbury Meadows Farm

We had a great time catching up, touring around, eating, drinking, and being merry.  I'm going to miss it, tho I'm sure not as much as they will. 

What a fun vacation.  Chris was awesome enough to take a couple of days off and stay home with Lulu so we didn't have to board her. 

I didn't take too many photos, but I did get some, and *may* post some in my Etsy shop. 

In March, Chris and I went to Beaufort, and got to see his Mom's house all remodeled by the new owners! I'll be back with that story soon.

I also recently opened a new CreativeMarket shop called Sunny Tangerine for styled stock photography that people can buy and download to use for social media, blogs, advertising, or whatever! that's a fun new outlet for me.  Check it out if you get a chance.  I'm just starting, so there's not much there yet, but I'm editing tons and will have more up soon! Click HERE to see. :) 

OK, time for dinner on this magnificent day! We don't get too many days where we can open all the windows and work in the yard without just being hot, sweaty, sunburned and bug bit, so we thoroughly took advantage.

Hope you are all well and happy too!



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